How to choose a hat that flatters your face

I often speak to people who tell me that they love hats but they don’t have a face that suits them. I completely understand this because for some time I thought the same. It wasn’t until I took an active interest in making hats that I realised that there is a hat for any face shape, you just need to find it! So here is a quick guide to face shapes and what will flatter them the most, I am sure you will be surprised.

Some of the images below have been taken from the wonderful Instagram feed Costume Inspiration, curated by Lisa Frucht. The hand-drawn pictures are originals by the one and only Cheeky Hats (aka Roberta Cucuzza – me!).

Heart shape

A face that has a lovely and wide forehead, coupled with high cheekbones but a narrow jaw line, is usually referred to as a heart-shaped face. Think of gorgeous people like actress Luli Deste, pictured here.

Luli would suit hats that hug the forehead and perch on a slant and have a neat crown, such as berets, cloche hats and medium-sized brims as you find them in fedora hats.

Hat design for a heart shape, original by Cheeky Hats.

Round shape

If the length and width of your face are pretty much equal, you probably have a very sexy round face. Think of beautiful actresses such as Lilian Bond:

Lilian would suit slanted hats and short brims worn at an angle, like cloche hats or saucers.

Hat design for a round shape, original by Cheeky Hats.

Oblong shape

When the length between the chin and the forehead is significantly longer than the width of the cheekbones, the shape of the face is commonly referred to as oblong. One gorgeous actress with this shape is Josephine Baker.

Hats with upturned brims, deep crowns and/or worn at an angle would be the perfect match for Josephine. Think of porkpie hats, for example.

Hat design for an oblong shape, original by Cheeky Hats.

Oval shape

Oval shapes usually are wider at the height of the cheekbones. People who have oval faces are very lucky as they can sport literally any hat! The multitalented musician Hazel Scott, is a beautiful example.

Hazel could sport anything, from wide-brimmed fedora hats to tall fascinators or even berets, she could literally pick any hat. Lucky girl!

Hat design for an oval shape, original by Cheeky Hats.

Square shape

A square shape is defined by strong cheekbones and a defined jaw line. Think of ultra-cool Angelica Houston, for example.

Angelica’s face would be best flattered by curvy lines, round shapes and asymmetrical hats.

Hat design for a square shape, original by Cheeky Hats.

Get in touch

I hope I have given you the basics of how to choose a hat, feel free to get in touch if you want to know more or need some advice!

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